I'm currently faculty in the Life Sciences Division at Estrella Mountain Community College. I love helping students learn and explore their interests within biology. Through my teaching, I hope to foster confidence and a sense of belonging in my students by creating an inclusive, inviting, encouraging, and equitable classroom. I treat my students as junior colleagues and hope that this approach helps them feel comfortable seeking help from me and discussing aspects of biology they are interested in with me.


This page contains a list of courses I have taught and a link to my teaching portfolio (please email to request password), which contains sample lessons, assessments, and TA and student comments.

Teaching portfolio

Access teaching portfolio here.

Contact Jessie for the portfolio password.


  • Sample lessons

  • Sample assessments

  • Undergraduate teaching assistant training program

  • Student testimonials

  • Graduate and undergraduate TA testimonials


Faculty at Estrella Mountain Community College

Online instruction

  • Bio 100: Biology Concepts

  • Bio 181: General Biology I (Majors) 

Instructor at Arizona State University

In-person instruction

  • Bio 151: Biological thinking

  • Bio 281: Conceptual approaches for biology majors I

  • Bio 282: Conceptual approaches for biology majors II

  • Bio 331: Animal behavior

  • Bio 494: Advanced study practicum - lecture

  • Bio 495: Undergraduate research

  • Bio 492: Honors directed study

  • Bio 494: Advanced study practicum - First year student seminar relating material to Bio 282

Online instruction

  • Bio 182: Fundamentals of biology II

  • Bio 432: Why do we cheat, steal, and lie? 


Adjunct at Scottsdale Community College

In-person instruction

  • Bio 182: Fundamentals of biology II