Undergraduate TA testimonials

Holly Hohn

Undergraduate TA for Conceptual Approaches in Biology I and II, Spring 2019-Spring 2020

Ethan Nguyen

Undergraduate TA for Conceptual Approaches in Biology I and II, Fall 2019-Spring 2020

Graduate TA testimonials


































"Jessie is a truly exemplary professor that is committed to educating students and getting them excited about scientific research. She is patient with her teaching assistants and treats us like an extension of her own teaching style. She regularly asks for and incorporates TA feedback which gives us an active role in course development and assists us in developing our own teaching strategies. Jessie encourages TAs to meet with students individually and in office hours to better respond to diverse student needs. She also anticipates problems and encourages TAs to help her troubleshoot solutions, whether it be an issue with Canvas (learning software) or an issue with student conduct. Her patience and positive attitude make students feel comfortable in attending her office hours or staying after class to get extra support."

–Michele Clark, Graduate TA for Conceptual Approaches to Biology II, Fall 2019



"Working with Jessie is a pleasure. She is aware of her TA’s strengths and limitations, and takes care to both offer opportunities for growth in teaching and to avoid overburdening TAs with excess work. Being in the classroom while she is teaching makes it clear how much she cares about student learning and wellbeing. She is an excellent role model for graduate students who want to go on to be engaged, caring, pedagogically forward-looking teachers. In my experience working with her on course development, she emphasized the importance of thoughtful, well-designed active learning sessions and assessments to reach learning goals and engage diverse student groups. She has experience working with different teaching techniques and a broad range of students, which she uses to find the best ways of conveying key biological concepts, particularly for struggling students. Jessie is not afraid to try a new technique or spend extra time to improve her teaching and help TAs develop as teachers themselves. Working with her is a collaborative experience in which junior colleagues are enabled to both contribute and learn from her example."

–Megan Wheeler, Graduate TA for Biological Thinking, 2016